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How to engage volunteers

If you represent an NGO, a government or a UN agency and you are interested in involving volunteers in your programmes, here is how to recruit volunteers for your organizations.

Firstly, it depends on whether you wish to engage either online volunteers or on-site volunteers:

The UNV Online Volunteering service connects organizations working for sustainable human development with volunteers. Organizations collaborate with online volunteers over the Internet to strengthen the impact of their development work.  Thousands of volunteers are ready to provide their support: professionals, students, retirees and expatriates from across the globe volunteer their skills online to help organizations address development challenges.  Visit the Resources section of the Online Volunteering service website for more information about online volunteering and submit your organization’s application to involve online volunteers.

Organizations requiring the services of on-site UN Volunteers should address their request directly to the UNDP Office of the country where they are operating. For more information please visit “Hosting a UN Volunteer”.

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