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UNDP Convenes its First Advisory Council Meeting for Pakistan’s Third National Human Development Report on Inequality

UNDP organized its first Advisory Council meeting for the Pakistan National Human Development Report (NHDR) on Inequality. The members included Pakistan’s foremost academics, technical experts, and…  

On Equity and Happiness: UNDP at the Lahore Literary Festival

UNDP organized a panel at the 2019 Lahore Literary Festival in the Al Hamra Cultural Complex. Over the years, the LLF has become an important avenue for socio-cultural discourse and critique in the…  

Human Development in Pakistan

Pakistan has experienced a marginal increase in the value of HDI from 0.560 last year to 0.562 in 2017. However, over the years Pakistan has indeed seen greater progress in its Human Development…  

UNDP Pakistan launches the Pakistan National Human Development Report 2017 – Unleashing the Potential of a Young Pakistan

ISLAMABAD 2nd May 2018 – The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Pakistan launched its National Human Development Report (NHDR) – Unleashing the potential of a Young Pakistan. This report…  

Multidimensional Poverty in Pakistan

In accordance with the Government's commitment to eradicate poverty, this report presents Pakistan's first national Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI) based on the Alkire- Foster methodology. It has…  

Development Advocate Pakistan: Volume 3, Issue 1

The world continues to confront significant threats from extremist groups resorting to violent means to advance their agenda–be it ideological, religious or political. The kidnapping of school girls,…  

UNDP: Fastest Population Shift in History Means Make or Break for Asia-Pacific

Long-term planning now can bring unprecedented growth and tackle poverty, conflict and migration  

Development Advocate, Volume 1, Issue 4

Electoral Reforms in Pakistan: Perspectives and Opportunities  

Development Advocate Pakistan: Volume 1, Issue 3

The Political Economy of the Budget  

Bushra Gohar, member of the Joint Political Parties’ Committee on FATA reforms, shares her views

Bushra Gohar, member of the Joint Political Parties’ Committee on FATA reforms, shares her views about Pakistan at the launch of the Human Development Report 2014. UNDP also released its 2014 Human…  

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