Lessons Learned from the 2010 Early Recovery & Restoration of Flood Affected Communities in Pakistan

15 Jul 2013

The primary purpose of this publication is to provide UNDP Pakistan and its associated stakeholders– including national and local authorities, international agencies, donors and local communities – with a focused review and analysis of the Early Recovery Programme (ERP) and how this initiative supported the principal recovery needs and priorities of Pakistan.The review aims to provide improved knowledge and good lessons that can help with reconstruction, sustainable development and post-disaster risk reduction in the future.

The review was based inter alia on in-depth discussions with various stakeholders (governments, UN agencies, INGOs, NGOs etc.), visits, and assessments of local communities and implementing partners. The review mapped early recovery methodologies, models and procedures against on-the-ground experiences, from 2010 until the present.

It outlines the gaps, trends and lessons emerging from this analysis. These will help UNDP Pakistan and their stakeholders and partners to respond efficiently and effectively to such situations in the future. The UNDP ER Programme review was designed around the following key approaches:

1. A community-based, participatory approach in all aspects of early recovery
2. An area-based, integrated approach targeting priority beneficiaries and geographical locations
3. A vulnerability-based approach that is inclusive of all beneficiaries.

The ERP built on UNDP’s extensive experience in addressing complex development challenges around the world, providing strategic leadership, perspectives and diagnostics and distilling good practice.

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