Democratic Governance

  • Jan 1, 2012Federalism - 18th Amendment Report

  • Mar 1, 2014Valuing Natural Gas: Implications for provincial EconomiesChief Minister’s Policy Reform Unit, Government of Balochistan, organized a presentation on “Valuing Natural Gas: Implications for provincial Economies” March 01, 2014 at Quetta Serena Hotel that was attended by a large number of stakeholders.

  • Dec 26, 2012Elections - Annual Progress Report 2012The Project was established following a request by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to the United Nations for electoral assistance in July 2011. A Needs Assessment Mission visited Pakistan later that month followed by a Project Formulation Mission in October 2011 and the Project Document was signed in January 2012 by the ECP, Economic Affairs and UNDP.

  • Social Audit of Local Governance and Delivery of Public Services 2009-10 Apr 20, 2010Social Audit of Local Governance and Delivery of Public Services 2009-10Based on information from 12,000 households, elected representatives and government officials from100 union councils and 71 tehsils/towns in 21 districts, the Social Audit 2009/10 is designed to measure the status of state-citizen relationship.The report presents the findings of the social audit survey capturing the level of engagement of the public with local government, their participation in local development in their communities and their feedback on adequacy and quality of service delivery.


UNDP has played a key role in strengthening democratic governance in Pakistan since 2003 by providing technical advice, and by building capacity and exchanging knowledge exchange with key Ministries, the judiciary, Parliament, and the Election Commission. Our efforts are strengthening participatory federalism, enhancing good governance and accountability, and improving service delivery.