Environment & Climate Change

  • E-Discussion on Climate Change and Human DevelopmentAug 29, 2011E-Discussion on Climate Change and Human DevelopmentUnder UNDP’s Regional Bureau for Asia and the Pacific, the Human Development Report Unit (HDRU) located at the UNDP Asia-Pacific Regional Centre leads the work on the flagship Asia-Pacific Human Development Report (APHDR) series. APHDRs are independent policy advocacy documents supported by UNDP as outcomes of multi-stakeholder participatory processes. The central mandate of HDRU is to produce Regional Human Development Reports for Asia-Pacific to support advocacy and capacity development on critical regional development concerns.

  • Forests and Bio Diversity - Information/Data ReportMay 4, 2010Forests and Bio Diversity - Information/Data ReportThis research document prepared by the National Environment Information Management System (NEIMS) project of UNDP Pakistan details the environment and biodiversity and ecological zones in Pakistan from forests to mountains and the various threatened species of animals and flora and fauna of the country.

  • Handbook on Environmental Data and InformationAug 10, 2010Handbook on Environmental Data and InformationThis handbook developed by the UNDP National Environment Information Management System (NEIMS) deals with the state of environment, environment laws, environment data, importance of environment information management and related issues.

  • A Treasure in My Backyard: Suleiman Markhor Sep 9, 2008A Treasure in My Backyard: Suleiman MarkhorThis is a case study of a tribal community in Baluchistan that transformed from hunters to conservationist and are currently generating U$ 200,000 per year as a result of their conservation efforts. The lessons documented in this case study will help both conservation and development organizations working in Baluchistan and the region.


We are focusing on Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation; Ecosystems Protection and Energy. Within the overall context of the recently approved National Climate Change Policy, we would endeavor to mainstream climate change as a priority in the government’s development agenda. We are working towards this goal through the development and implementation of various climate change adaptation and mitigation programmes related to sustainable energy, water management and conservation of ecosystems.