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  • Development Advocate Pakistan: Volume 2, Issue 2Development Advocate Pakistan: Volume 2, Issue 2Jul 27, 2015In 2015, the 7th National Finance Commission Award (NFCA) will conclude its ve year term. Deliberations on the 8th NFCA have already begun. As we transition to the new NFCA, it is important to take stock of the achievements and failures of the current award, and its impact on the future of development policy and Pakistan's efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. The 7th NFCA was unprecedented in the history of Pakistan. First, it generated an unparalleled political consensus on the NFC process. The political process which underpinned it was participatory and inclusive, with a broad buy-in characteristic of a truly democratic development process. Second, it introduced much needed structural changes to how funding was distributed between provinces. For the rst time, the criterion for distribution was not based on population alone but on multiple indicators including poverty.

  • Development Advocate Pakistan: Volume 2, Issue 1Development Advocate Pakistan: Volume 2, Issue 1Apr 14, 2015These days, Pakistan has a reason to celebrate. It is the fifth anniversary of its 18th constitutional amendment. But is it just an amendment or a constitutional revolution? Only two years after the end of military rule the country deconstructed its state order and reinvented provincial autonomy under a federal roof. With the 18th amendment, Pakistan has given itself in April 2010, a contemporary, democratic and federal state order, which allows the country to build decentralized and local government structures. Now, five years after the amendment, it is possible to hold democratic elections at the federal, provincial and local levels and provides an unprecedented opportunity for Pakistan to consolidate its democracy after the centrist regime.

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  • Development Advocate Pakistan: Volume 1, Issue 3Development Advocate Pakistan: Volume 1, Issue 3Oct 23, 2014The Political Economy of the Budget

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OUR WORK - Development Policy

We are aiming to strengthen policy work on development issues in Pakistan. Our Development policies are designed after thorough policy research and provide evidence based policy advice to the national counterparts and facilitate solutions exchange and dialogues, including campaigns on key development challenges. This will also include support on MDGs and the post 2015 development agenda.

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