Development Advocate Pakistan Volume 1, Issue 2

25 Jun 2014


Development Advocate Pakistan provides a platform for the excahnge of ideas on key development issues and challenges in Pakistan. Focusing on a specific development theme in each edition, this quarterly publication fosters public discourse and presents varying perspectives from civil society, academia, government and devlopment partners. The publication will make an explicit effort to include the voices of women and youth in the ongoing discourse. A combincation of analysis and public opinion articles promote and inform debate on development ideas while presenting up-to-date information

The impact of education investments is considered a simple linear function of inputs and outputs in most developing countries, including Pakistan. The measure of performance and the process through which inputs are converted into outputs, and subsequently, outcomes, are seldom discussed. Good governance—in terms of setting up performance benchmarks, systems of monitoring and accountability, and budgeting and distribution formulae—can considerably improve institutional effectiveness and results in the education system, without new inputs.

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