Message From the Secretary of Election Commission of Pakistan

Message From the Secretary of Election Commission of Pakistan

Elections, whether for the national and provincial assemblies or for local government bodies, are an important tool for enhancing democracy. They empower citizens by offering them an opportunity to shape the society in which they live. It is through the holding of regular elections that habits are formed which strengthen the values which deepen our democratic culture.

As the institution constitutionally mandated to organise elections in Pakistan, the Election Commission of Pakistan's (ECP) core focus is to serve the people by ensuring they are able to freely exercise this fundamental democratic right. We do this by engaging in ongoing efforts to improve the effectiveness, transparency and integrity of the electoral process.

The local government elections, which have already been held in Balochistan, and will take place in the three remaining provinces in due course, offer an opportunity to further entrench the democratic system in Pakistan. The ECP is ready to fulfil its constitutional obligation of holding free, fair and impartial elections by ensuring that the electoral rolls are complete; that the polling personnel we appoint are adequately trained; that voters, through a comprehensive voter education campaign, are aware not only of the rules and procedures for voting in their respective provinces, but also of the intrinsic importance of individuals expressing their political preferences through the ballot box; and that arrangements are made for the maintenance of law and order on election day.

With these core components in place, I am confident that despite the challenges with which we are confronted as a society, the local elections, and the consequent establishment of newly elected local bodies, will mark another significant chapter in Pakistan's democratic development.

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