National Climate Change Policy

12 Sep 2012


The National Climate Change Policy provides a framework for addressing the issues that Pakistan faces or will face in future due to the changing climate. In view of Pakistan’s high vulnerability to the adverse impacts of climate change, in particular extreme events, adaptation effort is the focus of this policy document. The vulnerabilities of various sectors to climate change have been highlighted and appropriate adaptation measures spelled out. These cover policy measures to address issues in various sectors such as water, agriculture, forestry, coastal areas, biodiversity and other vulnerable ecosystems. Notwithstanding the fact that Pakistan’s contribution to global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is very small, its role as a responsible member of the global community in combating climate change has been highlighted by giving due importance to mitigation efforts in sectors such as energy, forestry, agriculture and livestock.

Framework for Implementation of Climate Change Policy

02 Dec 2014


The development of this Framework for Implementation of NCCP is a follow-up of the National Climate Change Policy (NCCP), the parent document providing broader framework concerning how to adapt to the changing impacts of climate and how to play a role in its mitigation.


This Framework for Implementation of NCCP is developed keeping in view the current and future anticipated climate change threats to Pakistan’s various sectors.

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