Millennium Development Goals

  • Pakistan MDG Report 2006Sep 14, 2006Pakistan MDG Report 2006

  • Balochistan MDG Report 2011Aug 1, 2011Balochistan MDG Report 2011The Balochistan Millennium Development Goals (MDG) Report 2011 is the first report that provides specific updates on the status of MDGs in the province. It presents a deep analysis of present status and challenges towards achieving the MDGs. It also provides a robust fact base and repository of data which will enable an informed and evidence based policy formulation and programming by both public and non-public sector organizations to pursue the goals of socio-economic development in the province.

  • Jul 17, 2013Sindh MDG Report 2012

  • Punjab MDG Report 2011Aug 1, 2011Punjab MDG Report 2011


Pakistan has adopted 16 targets and 41 indicators against which progress towards achieving the eight goals of the MDG’s is measured. Time series data available for 33 of these indicators reveal that Pakistan is on track to achieve the targets on 9 indicators, whereas its progress on 24 indicators is off track.