UNDP/RFQ/13/104 - Procurement of Communication Device

Ref: UNDP/RFQ/13/104 -  Procurement of Communication Device

Please submit your Technical and Financial proposals in sealed envelope to the following address no later than 21 October 2013: Khayaban e Suharwardy, Islamabad, Pakistan. Tel: 051-8355600

Description of Goods

S. No Communications Equipment Qty Make Model
1 VHF Digital Handset Radio with Charger 55 Motorola, MOTOTRBO DP4801 (136-174 MHz)
2 VHF Base Digital Radio 15 Motorola, MOTOTRBO DM4601 (136-174 MHz) 25-45 watts models
3 VHF Digital Repeater 13 Motorola, MOTOTRBO DR3000 (136-174 MHz) 25-45 watts models
4 VHF Base Radio Antenna 10 Telewave ANT150D (138-174MHz)
5 VHF Repeater Antenna 10 Telewave ANT150D6-9(138-174MHz)
6 Motorola Duplexer 13 Motorola HFD 8190A
7 VHF Base Set 7 Motorola GM 360  with Standard Accessories
8 Walkie Talkie 25 Motorola GP 388R with Standard Accessories

Taxes/Levis: The supplier should quote base prices and taxes/levies for each item separately.Warranty: All equipment should bring manufacturer's standard accessories and warranty. Items are ISO Certified.

Delivery: The delivery address is UNDSS Telecom Store Diplomatic Enclave, G-4 Islamabad. Item   S. No. 7 & 8 will be delivered at Home Department, Peshawar.  The delivery period should be maximum 4-6 weeks. Liquidated damages applied @ 0.5% per day for a maximum of 10% of the Purchase Order amount.

Specification: The equipment technical specification should be accordance to model advertised by the manufacturers. Devices must be delivered fully assembled and check / installed at the final destination to be cleared by communication system expert

Further clarification (if any) can be sought through email to procurement.info@undp.org. However, any delay in providing such information will not be considered a reason for extending the submission date of your quotation. All/any query regarding the submission of the quotation may be sent prior to the deadline at the e-mail/address mentioned above.

The envelope should be clearly marked with the name of                           [UNDP/RFQ/13/104 -  Procurement of Communication Device]

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