PU-IC-2014-67: Consultant to Conduct Climate Change Vulnerability Mapping and Assessment of th Tibetan Eco-Regiona of Pakistan

Individual Consultancy: Consultant – to Conduct Climate Change Vulnerability Mapping and Assessment of the Tibetan Eco-Region of Pakistan

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Develop a framework, based on available literature, that detail possible climate change vulnerabilities in the selected Eco region, including its extent, potential to trigger damage/disaster and possible mitigation measures;
  • Assess the climate change vulnerabilities using secondary information sources such as satellite imageries and other available data and undertaking sample-based ground truthing and analysing these threats with the help of GIS and Remote Sensing;
  • Undertake description and mapping of the climate change vulnerabilities through the development of multiple maps based on land-uses;
  • Collect information on various climate change related insecurities (both presence and nature) such as ones related to water, energy, food, human, habitat/ecosystem, biodiversity, land-use systems, etc.
  • Collect information on flora and fauna and other major features of the proposed eco-region mainly based on secondary sources;
  • Develop a map indicating major valleys/sites that shall be the focus of the vulnerability mapping and future mitigation interventions;
  • Identify sites that are comparatively more important within the overall boundaries of the eco-region (the importance shall be based on threat of damage, productivity, or potential for improvement/mitigation) and mark them on a map;
  • Obtain information on major stakeholders for various segments of the Karakoram-Pamir landscape within the tentative boundaries of the proposed Biosphere Reserve for future interactions; and
  • Identify and develop contacts with individuals and organizations that could be helpful as future collaborators for the management of the contiguous landscape or certain components of it, across the borders in neighboring countries.
  • Organize national dissemination workshop of the report
  • Develop Management plan for the Tibetan Eco Region in collaboration with the Government of Gilgit-Baltistan.
  • Coordinate with Ministry of Science and Technology to declare the areas as Biosphere Reserves.

Period of assignment/services (if applicable): 40 working days spread over 3 month from July to September 2014. Islamabad based

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Pakistan One UN Programme Annual Report

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