Crisis Prevention and Recovery

  • Community Resilience in MalakandCommunity Resilience in MalakandThe project aims to promote peace building and social cohesion in crisis affected areas through the rehabilitation of community basic infrastructure and to improve access of affected communities to basic services and facilities by restoring and rehabilitating community physical infrastructure.

  • Refugee Affected and Hosting Areas ProgrammeRefugee Affected and Hosting Areas ProgrammeRefugee Affected and Hosting Areas (RAHA) is a Joint Programme Component within the UN Delivering as One. The inception of RAHA owes to the presence of three million Afghan refugees in Pakistan in the preceding three decades, resulting in social, economic and environmental consequences. This project aims at ensuring peaceful coexistence of Afghan refugees, who are well documented, with the local communities until the situation in Afghanistan becomes conducive to their return. The programme also aims at strengthening the Government of Pakistan's governance and public service delivery.

  • Area Development Programme in BalochistanArea Development Programme in BalochistanThe Area Development Programme Balochistan project is a community-based development programme. The objective of the project is to contribute to poverty reduction and food security through increased incomes and productive assets in the target areas.

  • Disaster Risk Management SupportDisaster Risk Management SupportDue to the crucial need for mainstreaming disaster risk reduction in Pakistan, the project was initiated to support the government and other stakeholders in drafting a five year programme under the UN One Programme-II (OP-II). The project aims to formulate a disaster risk management programme and provide operational and technical support to the national, provincial and district disaster management authorities.

  • Building Resilient Communities in IDPs Hosting AreasBuilding Resilient Communities in IDPs Hosting Areas


Our work in crisis prevention and recovery focuses on increasing the resilience of communities to natural and manmade disasters, mitigating their impact, and preventing conflict through rehabilitation and early recovery. Pakistan has experienced recurring disasters in recent years with militancy in border areas and two consecutive floods. As the country attempts to recover from these crises, UNDP provides the critical link between immediate humanitarian efforts and long-term development goals through early recovery coordination and capacity building.

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Pakistan One UN Programme Annual Report
Pakistan One UN Programme Annual Report

Pakistan's One UN Programme (OP I) was signed on 4 February 2009 in the presence of the UN Secretary General and the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Initially for a two-year period from 2009 to 2010, OP I was extended until December 2012 by mutual agreement of the Government of Pakistan and the UN.


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