International Conference on Federalism & Decentralization

From Framework to Functionality 25-27 September, Islamabad

UNDP together with the Ministry of Inter-Provincial Coordination, the Forum of Federations, the Higher Education Commission and the Inter-University Consortium on the Promotion of Social Sciences are jointly organizing an International Conference on Participatory Federalism and Decentralization against the backdrop of the 18th Constitutional Amendment and democratic transition in Pakistan. The Conference will be held from September 25-27 in Islamabad.

The Conference would be studying different trends, levels and indicators of institutional interplay between democracy, federalism and decentralization at national, regional and global levels. It is expected that the global and regional case studies and lessons learnt on the subject would provide a technical baseline to inform and facilitate the process of triangular integration between democracy, federalism and decentralization in Pakistan. The knowledge produced by the Conference could subsequently be integrated into the policy, planning and implementation processes of post-18th Amendment transition management at federal and provincial levels in Pakistan.

The conference will have five sessions on different aspects of federalism & decentralization:

  1.  Participatory Federalism: Global Perspectives and Local Linkages
  2. Local Governance and Development Outcomes: Frameworks of Institutional Interplay
  3. Participatory Local Governance: Capacity, Resources, and Innovations
  4. Fiscal Federalism: How to Operationalize Economy of Autonomy?
  5. Political Economy of Inter-Governmental Relations in a Federal Framework: Lessons Learnt and Way Forward

The session details and paper presenters/discussants are mentioned in the right column. The Conference will also have parallel panel discussions on Article 10-A (Right to Fair Trial), Article 25-A (Right to Education), Article 172 (Joint Ownership of Natural Resources and Article 19-A (Right to Information).

Participatory Federalism & Decentralization
Conference Brochure
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Mr. Berend de Groot, Delegation of the European Union, talks about Federalism and Decentralization in Pakistan

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Pakistan One UN Programme Annual Report

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