Governance Reforms and Innovation

What is the Project About

UNDP works with Pakistan’s Ministry of Planning, Development and Reforms to implement governance reforms at both the federal and the provincial level.

The state machinery at federal and provincial levels, judiciary, political institutions, regulatory institutions, public sector enterprises and the organs of civil society all require thorough review to identify their weaknesses and introduce reforms consistent with emerging trends and international best practices. In Pakistan, this process has received new momentum thanks to a joint initiative launched by the country’s Prime Minister.

The Governance Reforms and Innovation project is developing and expanding the expertise and accountability of the public sector across Pakistan. It improves the effectiveness of the Commission in convening, analysing, proposing and supporting major reforms. This includes better monitoring and evaluation of development programmes, monitoring poverty and inequality, and modernizing the state structure.

UNDP will provide its technical expertise to the Planning Commission through the Centre for Public Service Excellence in Singapore and the Bangkok Regional Hub which advises on global governance and public administration reform.

Through this partnership, UNDP will help ensure that Pakistan develops the necessary structures for sustainable and strategic governance reform.

The project provides support to the Ministry of Planning, Development and Reform for public sector reforms and innovation for improved performance and service delivery, citizen’s satisfaction and reducing multi-dimensional.

What Have We Accomplished So Far

  • Around 100 reform-related meetings in two years with stakeholders: Approximately 3000 consulted
  • A summary on civil service reform has been prepared based on in-depth study in the areas of Recruitment, Training, Institutional structures, Compensation and Performance Management
  • CSS age limit increased from 28 to 30 years to include people from backward areas
  • With the support of the project, the MoPDR has become a member of a 60-country alliance – the Effective Institutions Platform (EIP) – jointly supported by OECD and UNDP. The Platform provides opportunities for country-led and evidence-based policy dialogue, knowledge sharing and peer learning on public sector management and institutional reform
  • Citizen Perception Survey Initiated as part of Open Government Initiative, which is the first ever citizen perception index in Pakistan
  • Innovation Fund & Award ideas has been selected by the OECD Observatory Public Sector Innovations which collects examples from innovations from across the world

Who Finances it?

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