Accelerating Adaptation to Climate Change

Pakistan requires greater progress in environmental protection. Water scarcity is increasing, land productivity is decreasing and climate change is worsening these treats. The risk of natural disasters, also exacerbated by climate change as well as economic shocks, adds to existing vulnerabilities. We are promoting the integration of climate-resilient and environmentally sustainable policies into development plans and programmes in Pakistan.

We are supporting projects across the region in Pakistan to respond to the growing threat of climate change; to mainstream environment concerns into national development planning processes; and to expand access to environmental and energy services for the poor. In particular, UNDP has sought to ensure that the poor have stronger capacities to manage, adapt to and monitor climate change.

Climate Change is a huge development challenge as well as a huge environmental challenge. Apart from the global impact, it is hitting the poorest and the most vulnerable first and hardest. It is a growing problem of the here and now.

The effects of climate change also weigh disproportionately on the poorest, and on women and children. Successful climate change adaptation, coupled with forceful mitigation, holds the key to human development prospects.

Flash floods from glacial lakes pose the biggest danger to lives and economies in Himalayan countries. UNDP supports the Government of Pakistan to reduce the risk of glacial lake floods by integrating disaster risk reduction strategies with climate change adaptation in high risk areas.

Our project, Reducing Risks and Vulnerabilities from Glacial Lake Outburst Floods, seeks to develop the human and technical capacity of public institutions & local communities to understand and address immediate glacial lake outburst flood risks in Gilgit & Chitral District. A glacial lake outburst flood is a type of outburst flood that occurs when the dam containing a glacial lake fails.

Through this project, we are strengthening resilience to respond to climate and other environmental impacts through effective conservation and management of natural resources and the implementation of related national policies.

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