Poverty Reduction

  • Area Development Programme in Balochistan

    The Area Development Programme Balochistan project is a community-based development programme. The objective of the project is to contribute to poverty reduction and food security through increased incomes and productive assets in the target areas.

  • Strengthening Poverty Reduction Strategy Monitoring

    The Project aims at strengthening institutional capacities of public officials for (i) results-based monitoring and evaluation of Poverty Reduction Strategy at federal and provincial levels, (ii) gender responsive planning and budgeting, (iii) Improving pro-poor public resource allocation and spending, (iv) improving contribution of public officials in informed decision making at policy level to make policies more gender responsive and (v) improving the tracking system for pro-poor expenditure to enhance gender responsive resource allocation and planning processes.

  • Promoting Employment and Productivity in the Garment Industry

    This project aims to increase incomes and employment opportunities for youth and women and enhanced productivity in the garment/home textiles industry. Policy research, capacity development of small and medium enterprises and institutional strengthening to support sustainable growth in the textile sector have been identified as focus areas for the project.

  • Refugee Affected and Hosting Areas Programme

    Refugee Affected and Hosting Areas (RAHA) is a Joint Programme Component within the UN Delivering as One. This project aims at ensuring peaceful coexistence of Afghan refugees, who are well documented, with the local communities until the situation in Afghanistan becomes conducive to their return. The programme also aims at strengthening the Government of Pakistan's governance and public service delivery.

  • Mountains and Markets: Biodiversity & Business in Northern Areas

    This project uses voluntary certification of non-timber forest products as a tool to promote biodiversity conservation and strengthen existing conservation efforts with innovative market-based mechanisms. The project develops community and institutional capacity for certified production of biodiversity-friendly non-timber forest products in Northern Pakistan and stimulates market demand for these products thereby creating new economic incentives for conservation.