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We work to support democratic development and the promotion and protection of the rule of law in Pakistan. Democratic Governance works toward improved governance at federal, provincial and particularly district levels by supporting the devolution and decentralisation objectives through political and fiscal devolution, transparency and accountability, strengthening of state institutions, capacity and promotion of local participation and ownership.

UNDP Pakistan also supports promotion of rule of law through provision of support to justice and security sector.  Support to rule of law aims at promoting an enabling environment, to secure peace and stabilization by enhancing confidence and trust of the local communities in the rule of law institutions and ensuring improved law enforcement, speedy justice, including that of informal justice system.

Strong, credible and effective governing institutions that have the confidence of the citizens and meet their needs and aspirations are the foundations of sound governance. UNDP is currently engaged in providing support to capacity development of parliamentarians, parliamentary officials and civil society partners to strengthen parliamentary oversight and policy guidance. Strengthening parliamentary oversight and women parliamentarians’ caucus on peace, security and stabilization are concurrent objectives.  

We support the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Provincial government to strengthen rule of law, building capacity in district courts to develop effective and timely justice systems, improved criminal investigation and prosecution, and civilian oversight mechanisms.  UNDP also works to increase access to justice and legal aid for vulnerable groups and promotes informal justice mechanisms where these offer optimal results.

Our ongoing efforts are helping to consolidate, strengthen and extend Government and civil society capacity and systems to manage external development resources in a results-based manner to achieve Pakistan’s national development goals.

Our Results
Launch of the Mobile Court

The Mobile Court was launched by Mr. Justice Dost Muhammad Khan, Honorable Chief Justice of Peshawar High Court and Marc-André Franche, Country Director UNDP in Pakistan. This Mobile Court will provide justice rapidly for litigants who cannot afford to travel to courts in the cities.

Strengthening Rule of Law

The project is assisting in promoting the rule of law through provision of support to the justice and security sectors in Malakand, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) province. Assistance is being provided for institutional and capacity development to rule of law institutions to ensure effective and speedy provision of justice and security services.

Electoral Cycle Support to the Election Commission of Pakistan

This Project was established following a request by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to the United Nations for electoral assistance in July 2011. A Needs Assessment Mission visited Pakistan later that month followed by a Project Formulation Mission in October 2011 and the Project Document was signed in January 2012 by the ECP, Economic Affairs and UNDP.