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UNDP-Higher Education Commission Fellowships helping students realize their dreams

“I belong to a province where development indicators have not shown any substantive progress, so I intend to go back and work on social development as I know the priorities of the area”. Born in the small town of Pishin, Zia Ud Din is the eldest of six brothers and four sisters, but he considers himmore


The first-ever woman candidate contesting in general elections from the Federally Administered Tribal Areas

"I decided to serve the people of FATA to the best of my ability," said Badam Zari, National Assembly Candidate from the Federally Administered Tribal Areas. Badam Zari, 45, is the first-ever woman candidate contesting in the May 11 general elections from the Federally Administered Tribamore


Women Presiding Officers Prepare for the General Elections

"These elections are crucial for Pakistan's democracy. We will perform our duties honestly and with utmost determination. I hope the caretaker government supports us on 11 May and ensures the security of the polling staff," said Riffat Rehmani. Riffat Rehmani, 40, will be taking part more


Women Police Officers Lead the Security Training for Mitigating Electoral Violence

"Women comprise almost 50 percent of Pakistan's population, now we need to be 50 percent of the police force as well. We must ensure gender justice," said Zahida Bukhari, Assistant Superintendent of Police. Examining crime scenes, dispersing mobs and patrolling the city at night, it's allmore


Street theatre spreads voter awareness and encourages participation in elections

“These kinds of programmes will make us realise our roles and responsibilities because majority of us are not aware about our rights and responsibilities of a good citizen, observed Ayesha Kamal following a recent street theatre performance on civic education. While voter turnout in general electimore


Training Polling Staff for Credible Elections

More than 86 million voters were registered to vote in the 2013 Pakistan General Elections. Almost 70,000 polling stations were needed to facilitate them and each polling station required well-trained staff to manage polling. The training of this staff plays an instrumental role in guaranteeing the more


Electoral Security Trainings help Mitigate Violence on Election Day

"Pakistan’s fragile democracy cannot afford for the General Elections to suffer from violence as it only leads to disputes, disenfranchisement, and further disillusionment with the democratic setup", said Abdul Waheed, Commandant Police Training College Hangu. Following international expermore


Street Theatre Educates Voters and Creates Awareness

While voter turnout in the General Elections has increased from its historic low of 35% in 1997 to 44% in 2008, Pakistan still has the lowest voter turnout in South Asia. The lack of voter trust and education has been identified as one of the primary reasons behind this indifference and lack of partmore

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