Development Policy

We are aiming to strengthen policy work on development issues in Pakistan. Our Development policies are designed after thorough policy research and provide evidence based policy advice to the national counterparts and facilitate solutions exchange and dialogues, including campaigns on key development challenges. This will also include support on SDGs and the post 2015 development agenda.

Our Goals

Our development policies are working under three focus areas: Policy research and advisory; SDGs and other development goals; Solutions/knowledge exchange. The goal is to substantially impact public policy in addressing poverty, inequality and other key constraints to human development in Pakistan.more

Development Policy

The key result of development policy will be its impact on public policy to address poverty, inequality and other key constraints to human development in Pakistan.more

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Projects and Initiatives

  • The Project aims at strengthening institutional capacities of public officials for (i) results-based monitoring and evaluation of Poverty Reduction Strategy at federal and provincial levels, (ii) gender responsive planning and budgeting, (iii) Improving pro-poor public resource allocation and spending, (iv) improving contribution of public officials in informed decision making at policy level to make policies more gender responsive and (v) improving the tracking system for pro-poor expenditure to enhance gender responsive resource allocation and planning processes.more 

  • The project is aiming to contribute to strengthening the democratic processes and institutions at the federal, provincial and local levels that are responsive and accountable to citizens, and effective in equitable service delivery.more 

  • This project is assisting the Parliament in strengthening its legitimate role within national governance, enhancing its administration, and providing appropriate support for Parliamentarians in carrying out their core tasks of executive oversight and law making.more 

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