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Training Polling Staff for Credible Elections

More than 86 million voters were registered to vote in the 2013 Pakistan General Elections. Almost 70,000 polling stations were needed to facilitate them and each polling station required well-trained staff to manage polling. The training of this staff plays an instrumental role in guaranteeing the more


Women taking the lead in training staff for the general elections

"Our vote is our voice. If we do not vote, we will not get the leadership that we need to reduce inflation, eradicate poverty and provide access to good quality education," said Zameer Akhtar. Zameer Akhtar, 28, is participating in the electoral process for the very first time. Being a wommore


UNDP-Higher Education Commission Fellowships helping students realize their dreams

“I belong to a province where development indicators have not shown any substantive progress, so I intend to go back and work on social development as I know the priorities of the area”. Born in the small town of Pishin, Zia Ud Din is the eldest of six brothers and four sisters, but he considers himmore