Modern technology beneficial in poverty reduction

ISLAMABAD, Sept 24: Almost five years ago, Saad Hamid tried to decode a cell phone which had come from abroad, but was unable to do so.

There was no one who could solve his problem, so he decided to find solutions from the internet and at last succeeded in opening the code.

''It gave me the idea to create a blog on the internet and offer my services to address such issues. Soon, people started contacting me and now I solve such issues and earn money as well,'' Saad Hamid said.

''I am using the social media as a tool to contact people and bring them close,'' he said.

Saad was not the only one convinced of the benefits of new technologies. Almost every participant of a conversation titled `How Can New Media and Technology Contribute to Sustainable Development and Poverty Reduction in Pakistan` believed modern technology had numerous benefits. The conversation was held at local restaurant and organised by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).