Social Goods’ bring betterment in lives of people

ISLAMABAD Sep 24 (APP): ‘Social Goods’, commonly known as social media, innovations and technology are bringing betterment in lives by providing easy, sophisticated and rapidly synchronized atmosphere to the humans.

This was said by the panellists during an interactive ‘Social Goods Summit’ which was opened Tuesday in Pakistan. The event was organized by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Pakistan with the theme ‘2030 Now - how will the world look in 2030’ and how can we shape it to improve the lives of those most in need.

The capacity crowd heard panel discussions from a host of dynamic speakers including Ms. Saima Mohsin, CNN Correspondent, Umar Saif, Vice-Chancellor ITU and Chairman of the Punjab IT Board, Saad Hamid TEDx Curator Islamabad and Global Shaper at World Economic Forum, Abrar Mir, Executive Vice President and Group Head Branchless and Mr. Marc-André Franche Country Director, UNDP in Pakistan.