Poverty index launched

Apr 18, 2014

ISLAMABAD: The Planning Commission launched on Thursday a multi-dimensional poverty index (MPI) for the first time in Pakistan based on global MPI methodology for calculating poverty on a regular basis.

The index was launched following a 10-day training course on MPI which ended on Thursday at the Pakistan Planning and Management Institute.

The index was developed by the Oxford Poverty and the Human Development Initiative (OPHI) and is being released by the UNDP in Human Development Reports annually since 2010.

Mapping multidimensional poverty at the provincial and district level will be undertaken and sub-national calculations will be envisaged in the future.

Different sectors will be integrated in determining the final index with weights, including health, education and income.

The national multidimensional poverty line will serve as baseline for comparison to determine the number of people below the multidimensional poverty line and those above it.