Mr. Berend de Groot, from EU, talks about Participatory Federalism & Decentralization in Pakistan

A 3-day international conference on Participatory Federalism and Decentralization was held from 25-27 September this year. Mr. Berend de Groot, Delegation of the European Union, chaired a session on Panchayat Raj System in India: Opportunities & Challenges. In this video interview, he speaks about participatory federalism and decentralization in Pakistan.

UNDP has launched a technical-assistance project to Strengthen Participatory Federalism and Decentralization (SPFD) in Pakistan. The Project is primarily aimed at providing technical assistance to the Federal and Provincial Governments in the process of transition management against the backdrop of the 18th Constitutional Amendment.

Seeking the opportunity to share global and regional experiences, and to highlight and develop a way forward in promoting participatory federalism and decentralization in Pakistan, the Ministry of Inter-Provincial Coordination, the Forum of Federations, the Higher Education Commission, the Inter-University Consortium on the Promotion of Social Sciences and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Pakistan jointly organized an International Conference “Participatory Federalism and Decentralization: From Framework to Functionality.”


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