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Legal framework

This page presents significant documents that governs and guides the work of the United Nations and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Pakistan.

Country Year Programme Document
Pakistan    Standard Basic Framework Agreement (SBBA) 
(Special Fund Agreement 1960)
Pakistan 0214-2017  UNDP Strategic Plan: 2014-17
Pakistan 2008-2013 * UNDP Strategic Plan: 2008-2013
Pakistan 2008-2013 * UNDP Strategic Plan Addendum: 2008-2013

Pakistan One UN Programmes

Country Year Programme Document
Pakistan 2013-2017 *Pakistan One United Nations Programme II 2013-2017
Pakistan 2009-2012 *Pakistan One United Nations Programme I 2009-2012

UNDP Project Implementation Policies & Guidelines

Country Year Programme Document
  2011 UNDP Global National Implementation Manual
Pakistan 2013 UNDP Pakistan National Implementation Guidance Note
Pakistan 2014 UNDP NGO Engagement Policy 
Pakistan 2014 UNDG HACT Framework

UNDP Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation Handbooks

Country Year Programme Document
Pakistan   Handbook on Planing, Monitoring and Evaluating for Development Resultsl
Pakistan   Outcome-Level Evaluation Guide
Pakistan   *Project-Level Evaluation Guide
Pakistan   Country Office Monitoring Policy (2014)

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