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Adaptation Fund

The Adaptation Fund helps developing countries build resilience and adapt to climate changes. It was established under the Kyoto Protocol of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, and has committed US$ 330 million in 51 countries since 2010 to improve resilience to the adverse effects of climate change. It focuses on developing countries that are signatories of the Kyoto Protocol and are vulnerable to climate change.

It finances projects and programmes that help vulnerable communities in developing countries adapt to the effects of climate change. These initiatives are based on country requirements and priorities. The Fund is financed in part by government and private donors, and also from a two percent share of proceeds of Certified Emission Reductions (CERs) issued under the Protocol’s Clean Development Mechanism projects. Read more: https://www.adaptation-fund.org/

The Adaptation Fund has been financing UNDP’s project Reducing risks and vulnerabilities from Glacier Lake Outbursts Floods (GLOF) in Pakistan since 2011 with a funding of USD 4.1 million. The project reduces risks and vulnerabilities from GLOFs and snow-melt flash floods by developing the human and technical abilities of public institutions and vulnerable communities in northern Pakistan to understand and address immediate GLOF risks. The project, which is being carried out in collaboration with the Ministry of Climate Change and the Pakistan Metrological department, has set up monitoring systems, installed weather observatories, and spread awareness about glacial lake outburst floods among other things. For more details on the project, see: https://www.adaptation-fund.org/project/reducing-risks-and-vulnerabilities-from-glacier-lake-outburst-floods-in-northern-pakistan/

UNDP Pakistan’s work is made possible by the personal, financial, and professional commitments of its international and national partners. UNDP engages in an array of partnerships with national and international stakeholders. We work together in all phases of the development cycle, from programme design and implementation, through review and revision, to identifying lessons learned. Our partners play a crucial role in promoting and financing strategies that will help developing countries to achieve their national development goals.

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