UNDP-RFQ-2019-0061 - Procurement of Contraband Detection Kits

30 Jan 2019

Note: Bid submission date has been extended till 21st-Feb-2019 (1230 Pakistan Standard Time) or 2:30 EST

We kindly request you to submit your quotation for “Procurement of Contraband Detection Kits” as per Schedule of Requirement attached at Annex 1 of this RFQ.  When preparing your quotation, please be guided by the form attached hereto as Annex 2.

Your offer, comprising of a Technical Bid and Price Schedule, should be submitted in accordance with Annex 2, through e-Tendering online system https://etendering.partneragencies.org on or before 21st-Feb-2019 by 12:30 pm PST OR 2:30 AM EST.

You are kindly requested to indicate whether your company intends to submit a quotation by clicking on “Accept Invitation” button no later than Friday 15th February 2019 [12:30 PM Pakistan Standard Time OR 2:30 AM EST.  If that is not the case, UNDP would appreciate your indicating the reason, for our records    

Any requests for clarification about the contents of RFQ shall be sent via fax (+51-2600254 & 55) or to the email address at pakistan.procurement.info@undp.org . Answers to questions/inquiries will be forwarded to all the prospective bidders.

Important notes on submission

  1. Submissions must be in the form of PDF files and should be free from any form of virus or corrupted contents, or the quotations shall be rejected.

Please take note of the following requirements and conditions pertaining to the provision of the abovementioned goods:


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