The First Woman Police Master Trainer in KP Province

Community Policing was introduced in Malakand district to help increase citizens’ confidence in their interactions with police.

“When I joined the police force, my uncle told me not to enter the village in uniform, saying he will feel embarrassed telling people his niece had joined a male-dominated profession. Now he has a sense of pride in his voice when he mentions me as Inspector of Police to others”, says Inspector Anila 


  • 1,900 people, including 920 females assisted through one-on-one consultations on legal queries.
  • More than 900 people further referred to legal aid desks for greater assistance.
  • 14 legal aid desks were established and 422 mobile legal aid clinics held in communities in Malakand district.
  • More than 1,500 people trained by the KP Judicial Academy.

Anila was born to a middle class family in District Lakki Marwat of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in 1971. She has one sister and three brothers. Her father, a Government servant got settled in Peshawar on account of his transfer to the city. His traditionalist background, however, did not desist him from getting his children educated, especially the girls. “He was always of the view that daughters have an equal right to education and that he will never discriminate against them,” she said. The result was that all the five siblings got educated and are working at different Government institutions now.

Cognizant of the plight of other females of her area, Anila was determined to make the best of the opportunities provided by her father. She joined the Police force as an Assistant Sub-Inspector after her Graduation and, later on, completed her Master of Arts from Peshawar University.

Her quest for excellence continued on job as well. She completed various professional courses with distinction and rose to the rank of Inspector. “I had to justify my father’s confidence in me, and silence the critics within the family. It was only possible if I could reach a position where they were forced to look upto me for inspiration,” she said.

As a result of all these trainings, Anila developed her capacity as a Master Trainer for imparting “Supervisory and Communication Skills” under the Rule of Law program being implemented by UNDP in the Malakand region. “I am the first female master Trainer in KP Police, who has trained her male counterparts,” she says proudly.

The feat was not so easy to accomplish, though. Anila had to brave an immense amount of skepticism from the trainees, not regarding her capabilities, but on account of her being a woman. “They were extremely ‘surprised’ to see a female trainer. One even remarked, ‘will a woman teach us?’” she recalled.

It was, however, her professionalism and command over the subject, which enabled Anila to cross the threshold from being an unwelcome entity to a trainer commanding respect of the trainees. “As the course progressed, they started becoming more and more comfortable on seeing that I was equally capable as a trainer,” she recounted.

This is not the end of the road for Anila, however. She is committed to continue with the same zeal in future too. “If I have learnt one lesson in my life, it is that success is only possible through continuous hardwork. I have to work not only for myself, but also to become a role model for my sisters in KP,” she concludes with a resolve in her voice.

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