Development policy thematic area provides advice on UNDP’s strategic positioning with regards to development policy, fostering and managing partnerships with diverse stakeholders. It develops long term partnerships with academia, think-tanks and other relevant entities in the public sector and the creation of rosters of development experts. Along with that, Solution Exchange Networks are also being established to facilitate knowledge sharing on key development challenges.

1. Policy research and advisory: Development policies strengthen UNDP’s upstream policy and advisory support on development issues especially those related to poverty, inequality, institutional performance and other areas affecting human development outcomes. Through research and evidence, our policies advocate for key reforms in the public policy, especially related to, but not limited to, civil service reforms, distributional justice, broadening citizens’ participation in economic and political spheres. On request, it will also undertake review and analyses of the international / regional economic agreements viz-a-viz the interests and priorities of the national government.

In the post 18th Amendment / decentralization scenario, development policy assists the provinces in developing sectoral policies related to human development. Building on its current work, it provides technical support to the federal and provincial governments on pro-poor and gender based budgeting frameworks, poverty and inequality measurement and monitoring etc.

2. SDGs and other development goals:  By leveraging UNDP’s partnerships with the government at the federal and provincial levels, development policy provides support for the localization, monitoring and reporting of SDGs. It supports the national and provincial governments to develop SDGs Acceleration Frameworks. Building on national consultations, development policy provides technical support, to national and porvincial governments, with regard to the prioritization and development of Pakistan specific Post 2015 Development Framework.

3. Solutions / knowledge exchange: Development policy serves as the hub of knowledge and solutions exchange, at national and international level, on key development issues. The online Solution Exchange Network will provide a platform for seeking inputs/feedback from experts on development related queries and issues.

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