UNDP and Fori Mazdoori have partnered to strengthen the digital backbone of Pakistani labour market.  The Fori initiative helps connect workers with potential employer through online services. Fori enables the on-boarded workforce to get the benefits of the digital world such as online presence, user ratings, network of friends, feedback of employers and a digitally traceable history. The workers to become part of Fori do not require a smart-phone or access/know-how of Internet. Any workers across Pakistan can walk into Fori enabled retail partners and get registered into the system. UNDP Pakistan will support Fori’s skilled workforce database by on-boarding its previously trained workforce.

The partnership will strengthen the ongoing formation of a nexus of collaborations for a singular platform with an open-API structure. Both parties will work together under the framework of UNDP Kamyab Jawan - Youth Empowerment Programme and explore specific activities that will contribute towards the economic empowerment of the youth by encouraging and enabling their broader digital inclusion hence contributing to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 8s of- ‘Decent Work and Economic Growth’.

This is the first of its kind collaboration between UNDP and a thriving startup in Pakistan. The partnership will give much needed outreach support to Fori Mazdoori in scaling up and enable the startup in exploring impact-investing opportunities.

“The signing of this MoU between UNDP and Fori Mazdoori presents an exciting opportunity to enhance economic empowerment of the youth by encouraging broader digital inclusion and enhancing job matching opportunities which contribute to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals of ‘Decent Work and Economic Growth”– Ignacio Artaza, Country Director UNDP Pakistan.

Fori Mazdoori is a smart-labour initiative that is focused on bringing the blue-collared workers particularly the offline community online. “We believe we are close to cracking the on-boarding of the next 1 Billion users. Our technology would allow instant digital inclusion of the non-tech savvy community across the world starting in Pakistan – Dr. Musstanser Tinaui, Founder Fori Mazdoori. “ We are also considering creating an affordable wearable device for workers that could make the non-tech savvy workers smarter in future.”, added, Dr. Tinauli.

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