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[Podcast] Solutions Cast | Episode 3: Innovation in development 101

Solutions Cast is a podcast series hosted by Innovation-AccLab Pakistan. In this series, we explore disruptions in the system, form connections, and highlight local innovation & solutions. In this…  

[Podcast] Solutions Cast | Episode 2: Communicating in a crisis: can employing Behavioral Insights bring a shift in decision making?

In our second episode, we talk about how Behaviourial Insights, especially while communicating in a crisis can bring a shift in decision making. How can we use perception polls to gain deeper insights…  

[Podcast] Solutions Cast | Episode 1: Trends and disruptions in time of COVID-19

In our first episode we go deeper into the current trends and disruptions that COVID has brought in Pakistan. Has experimentation increased? Is there a focus on a circular economy? What are some of…  

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