Roshan Hai Kal: Youth Empowerment Project Success Stories

This video narrates the stories of Muhammad Yousaf and Uzma Sultan. Both hail from the volatile Karachi neighbourhoods of Lyari and Korangi where their lives were constantly affected by violence and extremism.

Yousaf and his family had to leave home for fear of street gang warfare in Lyari. His father was constantly worried about the effect violence would have on his son’s personality and path in life, but UNDP’s training in the garment trade help Yousaf make something of himself.

Uzma Sultan explained how her parents worried for her safety and forbade her from pursuing advanced academics; she could barely leave the house. UNDP’s training equipped her with the skills she needed to become a confident young entrepreneur. She now runs her own training centre at home and generates a regular income to support her family.


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