UNDP Pakistan Innovation work is rooted in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and cuts across UNDP’s portfolios. We support programmes and projects to mainstream innovative tools and approaches to develop more effective solutions to achieve greater social impact through co-design and intense collaboration. 

We have used human-centered design to bring communities and stakeholders together to design solutions. We have expanded our non-traditional partner base by working with startups and creative partners who have brought fresh thinking into the organization.

UNDP Innovation is exploring and experimenting in developing solutions to frontier challenges faced by Pakistan. The Accelerator Lab – Pakistan has been created to re-imagine ways of making 21st century development happen, at a scale not seen before, by tapping into the relationships, resources and expertise of a global leader in development. Globally, UNDP launched in 2019 its network of Accelerator Labs in 60 countries including Pakistan. 






The Accelerator Labs

Embedded within UNDP office, the Accelerator Labs will provide national partners with a set of new services to explore, test and grow solutions for complex sustainable development problems. Our approaches include: 

  • Sense-making: Labs will analyse, in almost real time, the local context challenges to identify connections and patterns to anticipate new avenues of work and act effectively to accelerate development.
  • Solutions mapping: In close collaboration with local partners, the Labs will identify grassroots solutions and stretch their potential to accelerate development.
  • Collective intelligence: The Labs will use collective intelligence to support partners better understand facts and ideas, develop new solutions, promote more inclusive decision making, and provide better oversight of what is done.
  • Designing and testing: The Labs will simultaneously test approaches to tackle a singular complex development problem. This systematic process will allow learning to happen in weeks or months rather than years.

The success of Labs will be seen in three ways: their influence on nurturing experimentation and accelerating development programming, their impact on government policy, and their ability to inspire spin-off public and private ventures.

More information at: acceleratorlabs.undp.org 

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